Ask Friedman: Game-Changing Initiatives Delivering Better, Faster Results [Video]

Posted on October 11, 2019

A critical part of our success is due to our continued efforts to innovate processes that help brokers and clients make decisions faster with the help of:

  • Realtime info up to the minute
  • A comprehensive operational database
  • A regular cadence of communication with clients
  • Advanced analytics

The key to delivering these lies in the advanced technology and new tools Friedman is leveraging day in and day out. Hear more from Gary Goodman, Senior Managing Director of Brokerage:

What is the Ask Friedman series?

The Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry is like an umbrella. Many different types of CRE services, specialties, departments and deals are available under the label “commercial real estate.” With such a wide array of capabilities, coupled with the fluctuating economic landscape, we find that there are many questions and misconceptions around the CRE industry.

We’ve turned to our team of experts to answer your questions and discuss the future landscape of commercial real estate. The team will offer expert insights for investors, developers, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers and everyone in between to get a sneak peek into the workings of the CRE umbrella. Our goal with this series is not only to provide expert knowledge on commonly asked questions and debunk any CRE concerns but to also introduce the faces behind the iconic Friedman signs.