The Secret Behind Design-Build Construction

Posted on October 31, 2019

Farmington Hills, MI – (October 31, 2019) We’ve all heard the horror stories that seem so common when it comes to undertaking a significant construction or renovation project. Maybe you know someone who had a project that ended up being more expensive than expected. Or maybe there were some delays that resulted in a project taking longer to complete than planned. In any case, a lot of people go into a construction project afraid that these sorts of things will happen to them. One way to help avoid these sorts of renovation catastrophes is by working with a design-build company.

With the traditional project delivery method, known as design-bid-build, a client enters into two separate contracts: one with a designer/architect and one with a construction company. Since the designer and construction company are separate entities, this often results in conflict if changes need to be made on either side. The construction company will blame the designer, the designer will blame the contractor, and since both parties report to the client, the client ends up feeling caught in the middle. Not only are these sorts of situations extremely frustrating to deal with, but they can also result in higher costs and bring progress to a halt.

Design-build construction offers a more efficient way of taking a project from initial concept through completion. With design-build, the client only has to deal with one entity. Everyone who will be working on your project will all be together at the same company or working on the same team as a joint venture, making it possible for everyone to communicate and collaborate more effectively. If changes need to be made at any point in the process, there isn’t any of the finger-pointing that comes with design-bid-build because everyone is working towards a common goal.


Nobody wants their renovation project to be plagued with delays and hidden costs. To make sure your project is completed on time and within budget, design-build construction is definitely a good option to consider. Since the process cuts out some of the inefficiencies that come with other project delivery methods, it’s less likely you’ll end up encountering those dreaded delays and surprise costs. For example, design-build makes it possible for materials to be purchased earlier in the process than with other project delivery methods, so your project won’t be held up by waiting for materials to arrive. It’s also easier to accurately identify the budget earlier in the process, so you’re less likely to be caught by surprise later on.


Renovation projects can be stressful, but by working with a design-build company, the process can be as simple as possible for everyone involved — especially you. If you’re looking for a design-build company in Metro Detroit, contact our team of trained professionals to learn how we can help you transform your space.