Top Reasons Friedman Gives Thanks This Year

Posted on November 25, 2019

Did you know? November is gratitude month, and to celebrate, we thought it would be a good time to reflect on all the things our team members are thankful for here at Friedman. To do so, we surveyed the team at random to hear what they are most grateful for this season.

See for yourself what #TeamFriedman is most thankful for this season:

I am thankful for David Friedman being a great owner and boss. He is down to earth, listens, and is open to ideas. It means a lot that he treats his employees with dignity and respect no matter what department a person works in. David offers us great holidays off, casual Fridays, healthy snacks, and a beautiful building to work in. I’ve been with Friedman Real Estate for quite some time and have always loved my job and the people I work with. – Kitty G.

I enjoy coming to work because I have the best tenants. Many of my tenants treat me like family, and they make me feel as though the work I do for them truly does matter. I am thankful for all of the vendors who take care of me and help me perform my job to the best of my ability. But I am most thankful for my husband; he is my biggest cheerleader. – Vicki V.

The one thing I’m most thankful for at Friedman is my team. The brokerage administrative assistant team here a Friedman is the best team I’ve been a part of at any job I’ve had. Each member is supportive, helpful, and truly a team player. Where one of us lacks another is there to pick things right up. We all have each other’s backs and make sure the coverage is where it needs to be. Even our leader, Susie, is a team player and isn’t afraid to jump in when and where she’s needed. I’m truly thankful to be a part of this team; they each make my time at work more enjoyable. – Lesley S.

I enjoy getting up each day, coming to work and making a difference. (#TheFriedmanDifference) Being able to make a real impact and having a sense of accomplishment is key; providing a service to our customers and being commended for the quality in which we provide those services means everything to me. I take a great deal of pride in the “team” that I have built and continue to assemble. – William J.

I’m most thankful for the employees here at Friedman. Having worked at other CRE firms, the one thing that stood out to me was the lack of comradery amongst employees. At Friedman, everyone treats each other like family, which makes it enjoyable to come to work every day and helps increase productivity as everyone works together. I’m also thankful for the leadership at this company, as they treat every employee with the same level of respect. It’s rare to work at a company where the CEO and upper management genuinely care about your success and will take time out of their busy schedules to meet and help you with whatever may come up. We are fortunate to have a leadership team at Friedman that demonstrates this level of care in their employees so that we can continue to grow both individually and as a whole. – Gregg K.

I am most thankful for all my family and friends that continue to push me to be the best that I can be. And here at Freidman, I am really thankful for all the opportunities that I have been provided and the relationships I have built. I truly enjoy coming to work every day because of the HR/Training team I get to engage with daily. It allows me to speak with employees across the country and deal with countless situations that increase my knowledge in the HR field. The people component is a huge aspect for me, and I am thankful for the relationships I have built for myself here. – Erin M.

I often struggle in response to questions containing the word “favorite” or “most,” as I have many interests and desires. However, when asked about the thing I was most thankful for this season, I was immediately confident with my response, “I am thankful for every moment spent with my family.” That leads me to ponder how my role at Friedman adds to my internal joy, as work inherently limits time with family. That answer takes a little more time to compose, but my confidence in response is just as strong. At Friedman, I have found myself working alongside many others who share a similar love for family. We occasionally share stories and reflect on personal moments. That reflection provides something much needed, appreciation for what and who we have in our lives. I drive to work each day knowing that I am going to an organization that is full of people working hard to support their desires. I return home more appreciative of everything I have, and more confident that my work provides me the opportunity to support those I care for most.  – Joshua F.

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